Welcome YC Math Students!

I am delighted to be your instructor for your online  math class at Yavapai College. My name is Jacquie Fernández. I want you to be successful in this class. I look forward to an excellent semester!

Math is a subject that many students find challenging. I believe that students can learn and improve their math skills if they keep a good attitude and if they are willing to put the time and effort into their math class. Although you will be working your math lessons online, I will be available to guide you through this class, to monitor your progress and to provide support. I hope you are ready for an excellent semester and please contact me if you have any questions as you are getting started.

Are you prepared for an online course? 

Online courses can have many benefits to students. By providing alternate forms of learning and constant 24/7 access to course materials, online learning gives a student the flexibility of instruction that will best fit his/her schedule and learning style.

  There are some myths associated with online learning in general.  A few of these are addressed below:

a.  Myth: Online courses are easier than face-to-face courses. Reality: The learning outcomes for an online MAT course is the same as for its face to face counterpart.  The delivery method is what is different – Often students find online courses much more demanding because it takes motivation and time to learn the material through reading or videos.

b. Myth: Online courses are great because you can do homework when you want to. Reality:  You may complete assignments any time during the day, but there are due dates for all assignments in the online courses at Yavapai College. The classes are NOT self paced – and no late work is accepted.

c. Myth: Online courses don’t take as much time as driving to class, sitting in class, and driving home. Reality:  Please expect to spend between 15 – 20 hours each week on coursework (possibly more some weeks for difficult content), on at least five different days.

d. Myth: I will have extra time to hand in assignments if technical problems happen. Reality:  There are no assignments accepted after the due dates – technology is at times unpredictable.  The expectation is that you will work on the assignments before the due date and give yourself extra time if there are technology issues.

Before taking an online course, you should be confident about your computer and study skills. You should be a self starter and able to manage your time effectively. You should have the motivation, time and the computer availability/internet access that will allow you to log in to your online class at least five times a week. You should be comfortable communicating in writing and have good reading comprehension. You should also be comfortable asking for help when you need it.Are you ready for an online course? Take this Readiness Assessment to find out!

For Current MAT 092 Students:  

The two primary types of technology we will be using in this class are:  MyMathLab and this website. If you are not familiar with MyMathLab, I will show you how to access and use it in an introductory video (see below). Before you navigate this website, watch the video below. Although it references Fall 2011 class, current students for Fall 2012 need to watch this video so that they can understand how to access the parts of this website that will help them succeed in class.

Navigating this website (video above)-
to watch the video is full screen click on the lower right hand button (with the four arrows pointing outward) located under the "YouTube" words.

Now, please watch the video below. It will explain how to access and use the MyMathLab website so that you can succeed in your math class this semester.

Navigating MyMathLab (video below)-


size="3">Top Ten Math Study Tips


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