MAT 092 Video Lessons

These videos were created to supplement your textbook for Beginning Algebra. They were recorded in short segments to allow you to watch those that you need, as many times as you need to understand the concept, and to skip the ones containing concepts that you already understand. If you have suggestions for topics that you would like to see addressed in these videos, please contact me. Check back to this page as it will be updated. 

Click the link which will take you to the video housed in Youtube. You may want to subscribe to my channel on Youtube so that you are  notified of any new videos I make (optional). Click your browser's back button after viewing the video to get back to this page.

 Chapter Two Lessons

Section 2.1
Introduction to Equations

Section 2.2
Linear Equations

Section 2.3
Mixture Word Problems

Section 2.4

Section 2.5
Linear Inequalities

Chapter Three Lessons

Section 3.1
Introduction to Graphing

Section 3.2
Linear Equations in Two Variables

Section 3.3

More Graphing of Lines

Section 3.4

Example- Slope 3.4.69

Section 3.5
Slope-Intercept Form of a Line

Section 3.6
Point Slope Form of a Line

Section 3.7
Introduction to Modeling

 Midterm Review Videos

Note: The Spring 2013 class will not have a midterm. However, you may use these videos to have more examples of worked out problems.

For more information about the midterm including review problems, click here.

Midterm Review Video, Part 1

Midterm Review Video, Part 2


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