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MAT 092 - Beginning Algebra

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 Textbook: Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, second edition by Rockswold/Krieger

Jan 18 - 22, 2012
1. Watch the Welcome Video. Read the Syllabus , Course Calendar  , MyLabsPlus_Registration_Information and the class Policies.
2. Email Jacquie to acknowledge that you have read and understand the course documents -due Sunday, January 22th (10 points)
3.Complete the Student Information Sheet and email it to Ms. Fernandez. Include your last name in the file name.  Due Sunday, January 22th (10 points)
4. Go to the MyLabsPlus website and register for our class. Math 2If this is your first time with MyMathLab, watch the video, located on the home page, that provides a quick orientation.
5. Watch the videos:
• Section 1.1 -Numbers, Variables and Expressions
• Section 1.2-Fractions
6. MyMathLab (MML) HW #1 is due on Sunday, Jan 22 at 11:59pm(10 points)

 Jan 23-29, 2012
Here are some printable number lines for your use.
Watch the videos:
• Section 1.3-Exponents and Order of Operations (includes lessons on using your graphing calculator)
• Section 1.4-Real Numbers and the Number Line
• Section 1.5-Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers
• Section 1.6-Multiplication and Division of Real Numbers

• Section 1.7-Properties of Real Numbers
MML HW #2 is due on Sunday, Jan 29 at 11:59pm (10 points)

 Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 1.8-Algebraic Expressions
• Section 2.1-Intro to Equations
MML HW #3 is due on Sunday, Feb 5 at 11:59pm (10 points)

Feb 6 - 12, 2012

Watch the videos:
 Section 2.2-Linear Equations
• Section 2.3-Word Problems
MML HW #4 is due on Sunday, Feb 12 at 11:59pm (10 points)
Watch the video on tips on taking tests online in MML. Tests in MML do not have to be taken in one sitting so start your exam early!
Chapter 1 Test (MML) is due on Sunday, Feb 12 (50 points)

Feb 13 - 19, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 2.4-Formulas
• Section 2.5-Linear Inequalities
MML HW #5 is due on Sunday, Feb 19 at 11:59pm (10 points)

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 Feb 20 - 26, 2012

Here's some printable graph paper for you to use as needed.
Watch the videos:
• Section 3.1-Graphing
• Section 3.2-Linear Equations in Two Variables
MML HW #6 is due on Sunday, Feb 26 at 11:59pm (10 points)
Chapter 2 Test (MML)is due on Sunday, Feb 26 (50 points)

Feb 27 - Mar 4, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 3.3- More Graphing of Lines
• Section 3.4-Slope
• Section 3.5-Slope-Intercept Form of a Line
MML HW #7 is due on Sunday, Mar 4 at 11:59pm (10 points)

Mar 5 - 11, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 3.6-Point Slope Form of a Line
• Section 3.7-Intro to Modeling
MML HW #8  is due on Sunday, Mar 11 at 11:59pm (10 points)

March 13th is the last day for student initiated withdrawal

Mar 12 - 25, 2012 (Note: this overlaps Spring Break)

Watch the videos:
• Section 4.1-Systems of Linear Equations-Graphing
• Section 4.2-Systems of Linear Equations-Substitution
MML HW #9  is due on Sunday, Mar 25 at 11:59pm (10 points)
Chapter 3 Test (MML)is due on Sunday, Mar 25th (50 points)

Mar 26 - Apr 1, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 4.3- Systems of Linear Equations-Elimination
• Section 4.4-Systems of Linear Inequalities
MML HW #10 is due on Sunday, Apr 1 at 11:59pm (10 points)

Apr 2 - 8, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 5.1-Rules of Exponents
• Section 5.2-Add/Subtract Polynomials
MML HW #11 is due on Sunday, Apr 8 at 11:59pm (10 points)
Chapter 4 Test (MML) is due on Sunday, Apr 8th (50 points)

Apr 9 -15, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 5.3-Multiply Polynomials
• Section 5.4-Special Products
• Section 5.5-Quotient Rule
MML HW #12 is due on Sunday, Apr 15 at 11:59pm (10 points)

Apr 16 - 22, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 5.6-Divide Polynomials
MML HW#13 is due on Sunday, Apr 22 at 11:59pm (10 points)
Chapter 5 Test (MML) is due on Sunday, Apr 22 (50 points)

Apr 23 - 29, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 6.1-Intro to Factoring
• Section 6.2-Factoring Trinomials I
MML HW #14 is due on Sunday, Apr 29 at 11:59pm (10 points)

If you haven't done so already, email Jacquie to schedule your final exam.

Apr 30 - May 2, 2012

Watch the videos:
• Section 6.3-Factoring Trinomials II
• Section 6.4-Special Types of Factoring
• Section 6.5-Factoring Polynomials
MML HW #15 is due on Wed, May 2 at 11:59pm (10 points)
Chapter 6 Test (MML) is due on Wed, May 2 (50 points)

May 2 - 8, 2012
Work on the Review Problems for the Final Exam
Compose ONE index card of notes (front and back) to use for your final. Formulas, definitions and equations only -no worked out examples. Notes will be turned in with exam.
Proctored FINAL EXAM  (TBA) (200 points)-in order to receive a passing grade for the course, you must score higher than a 50% on the final exam!

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