Tips for Earning Higher Scores in your Written Assignments


1. Read all directions and follow them.


2. If variables must be defined, please define them clearly:

Example:      x = number of years after 1977

Also stay consistent in your use of variables….don't start out using h and then change it to x in the next line.


3. Provide an explanation of how solutions were achieved. Answers only will not receive full credit.


4. If you are asked to interpret your results, then please state in complete sentences what the results mean.

Numerical answers only with no explanations are not considered interpretations and will be graded accordingly. One word answers also are not considered interpretations or explanations. There is a certain level of sophistication expected from college students!


5. Make sure that you answer the question that is posed in the problem. If it asks for total number of hours worked in one week, don't just give the overtime hours.


6. Make sure you use appropriate units, $, hours, feet, etc….. The attention to detail and precision is an important part of a good math solution!


7. If you work with another student on your assignment, ensure that each student provides his/her own explanations and verbiage for solutions. Copying and pasting a solution from one student's paper to another's is considered plagiarism, and will result in a "0" score for both students. All incidents of cheating will be referred to the office of student affairs.


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